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Braderm was born after a long project in 2006 with products mainly aimed at dermatology. Our staff is made up of professionals who allow the company constant growth and updating.

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Our history

In 2009 we developed a price list for gynecology and urology; in 2011 we dealt with the creation of products aimed at otolaryngology and pediatrics. The growing development in recent years has allowed Braderm to further invest in the creation of medical devices such as Kurac (4% Benzoyl peroxide.), For the treatment of acne, and Micobat Lavanda (Boric Acid), for well-being and for the ‘Personal care.

  • Dermatology
  • Personal care
  • Medical device
The turning point


The most important step took place in 2013 with the birth of our LCB (Laboratori Chimici Braccili) research and production laboratories, where both Braderm brand products and third party products are manufactured. Braderm, therefore, has established itself as a leading company in the medical and pharmaceutical sector, as its products offer a wide range of innovative, safe and effective solutions.

B2B service

Braderm carries out its activities in collaboration with the medical profession thanks to a network of scientific informants spread over almost the entire national territory. The distribution and sale of its products takes place through wholesalers, pharmaceutical cooperatives or through direct sales in pharmacies. To satisfy our customers even more, it is possible to purchase the products directly through our website. The constant attention to the needs of patients and the updating of medical knowledge has led to the creation of cutting-edge products for the treatment of dermatological problems (such as acne, mycosis, dermatitis of the scalp and body) and gynecological and ENT disorders, making Braderm a successful company.


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