Braderm Shampoo DS 200ml

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Braderm Shampoo DS is useful as it normalizes skin flaking, balances sebum, relieves itching and redness. The high cleansing action normalizes the excessive sebum formation giving shine, softness and elasticity to the hair. DS Shampoo is an adjuvant in the prevention of dry and oily dandruff. The functional components present in the formulation prevent excessive dryness of the scalp and favor the restoration of the physiological values of the skin pH. It also exerts a soothing action by reducing the annoying sensations caused by redness and itching.

The product is based on:

– Cyclopyroxolamine
– Tioconazole
– Climbazole
– Propanediol Caprylate
– Piroctone Olamine
– Salicylic acid
– Undecylenic acid

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