Braderm Kurac 30ml


Braderm Kurac® Innovative formula, unique on the market. It is not a simple cream based on Benzoyl peroxide alone, but rather an association with retinol palmitate, which allows the penetration of BPO into the hair follicle. Zinc sulphate regulates the sebaceous gland in the production of sebum. Enriched also by the presence of undecylenic acid, an important feature of this formulation is the presence of 18-beta-glycyrrhetic acid and phytosphingosines: this complex allows to reduce the aggressive effects of benzoyl peroxide making the product well tolerated.

The product is based on:

Benzoyl Peroxide 4%
-Retinol Palmitate
-Mandelic acid
– Lactobionic acid
-Zinc Sulphate
-Glycyrrhetic acid
– Phytosphingosines

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