Braderm Emoil Forte 400ml

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Braderm Emoil Forte is a non-SLES cleanser particularly suitable for dry and thickened skin thanks to the presence of urea, ceramides, olive oil and bisabolol. The use of delicate surfactants makes Emoil Forte particularly suitable for hygiene and daily care even in the case of dehydrated and sensitive skin. In the formulation, the soothing functional active ingredients help to reduce and prevent the onset of annoying irritations, redness and local itching. Furthermore, the presence of urea, ceramides and olive oil confers emolliency and hydration for a delicate and refreshing cleansing action.

The product is based on:

– Complexes of Ceramides
– Olive oil
– Phytosphingosines
– Bisabolol
– Urea
– Betaglucan

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