Scientists have shown that exercise is more than something which releases endorphins and makes you feel good. It’s a crucial part of staying healthy and improving your quality of life as you age. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight, it reduces the occurrence of a variety of common health issues and boosts your mood. In fact, exercise has also been shown to improve your energy levels and the quality of your sleep. It can even be a fun, social activity. However, there are things you need to be aware of, especially if you exercise outside. Sweat and the sun’s rays can damage your skin, which is why you need a good pre-workout skincare routine and an even better post-workout skincare regime.

The Importance Of Sunscreen When Working Out

The sun generally feels great on your skin, it warms and makes you feel more positive about life. However, it also damages your skin, specifically skin cells, potentially leading to cancer and other health issues. It can also dry your skin, removing moisture, encouraging wrinkles, and ageing your skin faster. That’s why you reach for the sunscreen when hitting the beach. You need to do the same when exercising. It’s easy to forget about the damage the sun can do, but you’ll be exposed for longer than you think when exercising. That’s why you need the right skincare products for athletes and they should include UV protection during exercise.

Getting Your Skincare Routine Right

To keep your skin looking and feeling great you need a pre and post-workout routine. The first step in this routine should be to cleanse your skin. You’ll find a variety of products on offer but a Kurac cleansing mousse is a good choice, it will gently cleanse your skin without drying it out. Cleansing removes makeup and any environmental contaminants, leaving your skin clean and fresh. Before you start exercising you’ll want to moisturize your skin, this can help it stay hydrated and prevent damage. If you’re exercising outside it’s a good idea to use a sweat-resistant sunscreen with moisturizer built in. That’s all you need to start exercising while looking after your skin.

The following post-workout skincare tips will help your skin after you’ve exercised.

Start by cleansing again

If you’ve been exercising then you’ll be sweaty and this traps bacteria in your pores. Leaving the sweat on your face increases the likelihood of acne and similar breakouts. It’s best to wash your face with water and then cleanse with a good cleansing mousse. The same one as your pre-workout is fine. While the face is the obvious target, you’ll need to wash all of your body, you do sweat all over! The best approach is to take a shower and use an athlete-friendly body wash. Ideally, make sure it has salicylic acid and niacinamide in it. This will ensure your skin is cleansed but still soft. To make sure you’ve removed all the debris and bacteria you’ll want to exfoliate your skin. Make sure you use a product designed for your type of skin.

Now, the key part of your post-skincare routine is to hydrate your skin. You need to apply a generous amount of moisturizer, ideally one that is designed to hydrate your skin. It’s a good idea to choose a moisturizer with squalene and ceramides in it. You’ll find that the best ones are those listed as moisturizers for active individuals. If you wish, a face serum, such as Braderm Vixage can help regenerate your skin after exercise.

Using The Right Makeup

You don’t need to wear makeup while exercising. However, if you feel it’s important to do so, keep your makeup light and opt for a tone similar to your skin colour. It’s best to avoid makeup while exercising as it is more likely to clog your pores. However, if you need it then use a light concealer which also moisturizes. A little waterproof mascara and some lip gloss are all you need to look and feel great without damaging your skin while exercising.

Don’t Forget To Hydrate

Exercising means you sweat, it’s your body’s way of regulating your temperature. Of course, sweating means you’re losing water and, as your body is 60-70% water, you’ll eventually become dehydrated unless you drink plenty of water. Hydrating your skin helps to replace the moisture lost instantly before the skin can dry out and get damaged. You’ll also want to drink plenty of water, before, during, and after your exercise.

Additional Tips

You don’t need to spend a fortune on, high-quality moisturizers and cleansers. Simply select a product, such as this Braderm Rosac face cream and use it as directed. Alongside staying hydrated, you should also consider keeping as much of your skin covered as possible when exercising outside. It will reduce the damage done by the sun’s rays. You can also think about when you exercise, it’s generally best to avoid the sun when it’s at its hottest. Once you’ve devised your skincare routine you’ll find it quick, easy, and effective. Just follow the above tips.