In the extremely competitive beauty market of today, brands and companies are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart. One of such ways is provision of customized products that satisfy the specific needs and desires of the customers. It has brought the OEM services into the beauty, where brands can finetune their offering and be closer to their target customer.

What is OEM?

OEM is just an acronym that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer which is a company that produces a product for another company to brand under their product. In b2b cosmetics industry, it would cover skincare, makeup, hair care, and fragrances. OEM collaboration allows beauty brands to customize their products with their own branding, packaging, and formulations, hence, unique to their brand.

The Importance of Customization in the Beauty Industry

Social media and influencer marketing have provided the consumer with numerous beauty brands and products. They are bombarded with marketing and are growing more discerning in their selections. This has led to a growing demand for personalized products that are personalized for their specific needs and preferences.

By offering customized OEM services beauty brands can capitalize on this trend of personalization and set themselves apart from the competition. When the product is personalized to fit the customer’s unique needs, the customer tends to build relationship with the brand and becomes a loyal customer.

Popular Beauty Brands Offering OEM Services

Braderm is one of the companies setting the pace in providing customized OEM services. Braderm being the professional in natural and organic skincare, offers brands a plethora of possibilities in customization such as ingredients, packaging, and branding to complement their private label of skin care products.

Mac cosmetics wholesale Cosmetics, which is one of the best high-end makeup product manufacturers, also offers OEM services to cosmetic brands. They offer a variety of formulations, colors, and packaging choices to enable brands to develop their own private label cosmetic line.

Another old and well-known brand in the beauty world, Estee Lauder also does OEM just for both skincare and makeup products. The customized products they offer are known for quality and innovation and are sought after by beauty brands who want to up their game.

Alternative for brands that need OEM services is L’Oreal. A global leader in the beauty industry offers numerous customization options; formulation, packaging, and branding to allow brands create their own unique products and cosmetics distribution .

Challenges and Benefits of Partnering with an OEM Supplier

Collaborating with cosmetics suppliers can provide a lot of advantages to a beauty brand, however, the downsides in this case should not be ignored as well.

Among the major advantages of OEM services is the opportunity and capability to come up with different, individual products that are distinct from all other similar goods. It offers the brand the chance to address the exact needs and wants of the target audience, which adds to customer loyalty and satisfaction. Much more, partnering with an OEM supplier also saves brand’s time and resources as they do not have to spend on product development and manufacturing.

There are as well a few issues when setting up a partnership with an OEM supplier. Through communication and trust, the final product will be in line with the brands expectation and standard. This can be tough especially when you are working with a third-party supplier, as you cannot have control over the production process, in this case, you find it hard to manage the scrap rates.

Another challenge is ensuring product quality consistency. To maintain the brand’s reputation as well as customer satisfaction, brands should have the OEM supplier implement severe quality control procedures.

OEM Process for Customizing Beauty Products

The steps are taken in the process of customizing beauty products through an OE supplier. To begin, the brand has to inform the supplier about the exact requirements and specifications. This involves deciding on the desired formula, the required ingredients, package, and brand.

Secondly, the supplier will cooperate with the brand to develop samples of the custom-made product for confirmation. Upon approval of the samples, the process for production begins starting from sourcing of raw materials, production, and quality control.

Once the products are manufactured, they get packed and transported to the brand, ready to be sold with their own name.

In some cases, the brand is also allowed to modify the product or composition after testing, and if the consumers provide feedback.


Custom products via OEM services are the best friends in a modern beauty industry with a lot of competitors, as they help a brand to distinguish among all other and to become closely related to target customer. Through collaboration with an OEM supplier, brands are able to develop customized and unique products that meet the individual specifications of their customers. Nevertheless, the brands must be put into mind the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing from an OEM supplier, to ensure a successful cosmetics trade. If communication, trust, and quality control are observed, brands will enhance their offerings and develop a strong market presence.

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