Your skin is an essential part of your body. It’s often simply perceived as your outward appearance and people work hard to change it, making it look as flawless as possible. It’s certainly a good idea to look after your skin. However, while looking beautiful is a pleasing outcome, the real benefit is in maintaining skin health.

Your skin protects your body from infection, helps to regulate body temperature, and allows the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Looking after yours you’ll be in better health and your skin will glow.

It may seem as simple as applying a few products to your face, allowing it to hydrate and replenish minerals. However, taking off creams and cleansing your skin is just as important, especially before bed.

In short, you need to develop a pre-bedtime skincare routine and avoid the following skincare mistakes before bedtime. If you don’t your skin is likely to experience outbreaks of acne, and blackheads, and potentially start wrinkling and sagging sooner than it should.

Unsuitable Products

When you sleep your body has a chance to repair itself. It’s why rest is always recommended after injuries. The same is true for your skin, it can repair cell damage and help your skin glow again. However, the best way to get results is to use a night cream as part of your nighttime skincare regimen.

You’re probably already doing this. However, you should note that not all products are created equal. One of the simplest nighttime skincare errors people make is to use a day cream, one that’s full of vitamin C or something else good for your skin but doesn’t have as much effect overnight.  In contrast, if you choose skincare products for nighttime, especially those with resveratrol in, you’ll find they help to make your skin look and feel healthier.

Failing To Wash Before Bed

This is perhaps the most obvious of all the bad skincare habits before sleep. If you’re heading to bed then you should wash yourself first. However, there are times when it’s late, you’re exceptionally tired, and you just head to bed. Unfortunately, when you do this, you’re leaving the contaminants from the day on your face. As you sleep they will clog the pores in your skin, causing you to experience an outbreak of acne.

You’re exposed to environmental contaminants daily. These tiny particles cling to your skin and get into the pores. This can simply clog them and cause you spots, or it prevent your skin from absorbing the necessary nutrients. Contaminants can even soak through your skin and potentially make you sick. All you need to do is wash your face every evening before bed.

Sleeping With Your Makeup On

This is perhaps the most common sleep-time skincare blunder and one that is easily avoided. It’s often just a case of tiredness and a lack of knowledge regarding the potential effects. Leaving your makeup on when you sleep means your pores will be clogged, increasing the risk of an outbreak, infection, and other issues. It’s much the same as not washing your face. However, if you want to remove makeup properly it’s best to first do it with a wipe then wash your face with warm water and your preferred skincare product. The product should be designed to remove contaminants from your skin while moisturizing and protecting it. This will allow skin rejuvenation during sleep.

Dirty Pillows

Dirt isn’t generally visible on your pillows. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Don’t forget, that you sleep with your face on your pillow, anything on there will rub against your skin while you sleep. This will allow bacteria to sit on your pores, potentially causing outbreaks, rashes, and leaving your skin looking tired. Simply changing your pillowcase regularly is one of the best nighttime skincare tips you can adhere to.

Lack Of Moisturizer

The final of the top skincare mistakes to avoid at night is forgetting to moisturize. You should develop a simple bedtime routine which involves washing your face and applying night cream. You’ll need to ensure it’s a high-quality night cream which moisturizes your skin. Keeping it hydrated is good for skin health and will ensure your skin is always glowing.

The Bottom Line

Developing a nighttime skincare routine doesn’t need to be difficult. You simply need to put enough time aside to wash your face, make sure all contaminants are gone, and use a night cream containing resveratrol. You should be able to instantly see the difference in your skin and, therefore, your confidence.